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Coach Ellis --- Koko & Pelli born June 4, 2013 ... Wookie & Shadow both born in 2007 and Wookie died in 2016 and Shadow died in 2018 and both were Mom's to the pups
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When you get purebred mutts from the pound, you get pure love and loyalty. The best dogs in the world are found in the pound.
Wookie was born 1-24-07 and Shadow, a black lab mix from the pound, (Wookie's Shadow) born May of 2007.
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This is the home page of Coach Ellis, a RETIRED PE teacher (1967-2007), who once was Department Head, Webmaster, computer tech, study skills coordinator, teacher and coach at Dobson High School. Dobson opened in 1981 and I, Coach Ellis was on board to become one of the first Mustangs. I have been coaching since 1967, after graduating from ASU in 1968, and have coached almost every sport known to man (and woman). I have tons of old coaching and referee friends. When the new Mesa High opened up in 1972, I was there. Here's two articles about my pro racquetball days -- a long, long time ago - Article 1 and Article 2. I also have a picture of my state championship teams in 1970 and 1990. In 1996, I was inducted into the Arizona Coaches Hall of Fame, the first Dobson High coach to receive this honor and only the 6th woman into the organization. I have been the Coach of the Year for Region Eight (the Southwest), four times and flew to Florida (1993), Connecticut (1996), Maryland (1998), and Connecticut (2002) to receive these awards. In 2002, I also won the National High School Coach of the Year Award. In 1998, I reached my 500th career softball win and the press gave me some great articles. I have posted my softball talk at the NHSACA convention in San Diego. In November of 2007, I officially retired from all coaching as I had my final year in badminton. On November 21, 2005, I was the first female coach inducted into the Mesa Sports Hall of Fame. The final sections consists of Coach Ellis' favorite links and my Words of Wisdom page. Feel free to ask any questions about how I did some of the things with my different web pages. I'll be glad to share information and teach you how to do a home page also. I did this one all by myself by typing in basic html, and using "GIFmation" for my animations. I now use Dreamweaver and love it. It's a Macromedia product. You can create a web page of your own free of charge at this site ... Free Webpages. Click here to see my 1st Flying Tiger and present Kawasaki Vulcan 750. .

My first Olympic Gold Medal in the 2005 SENIOR Olympics in Tucson in Jan. 28-30 beating the Queen Bees of Phoenix 13-11. Check out our gold medal picture.

Coach Ellis resigned from softball in 2005 and as the Head Varsity Softball coach at Dobson High on 6-18-2002 ... After 33 years of being the head varsity softball coach, it was fun and rewarding. Thanks to the hundreds of athletes that played their best and gave of their best, our friendship will always be treasured. … Thanks for memories... and here are 5 more articles of great memories. I coached badminton through November, 2007 and I will stay on as the webmaster for Dobson High School for a while longer.
After just a year away from softball I had to get back into it. In 2003, I became the assistant varsity softball coach at Mt. Pointe High School in Phoenix as a part of the Tempe Union High School District. Click here for the location of Mt. Pointe and all the schools we play. Here is the Mt. Pointe Softball schedule and pictures of when we started a new tradition at Mt. Pointe ... It's a celebration ... The 2004 Varsity Senior Ring BBQ
I resigned from coaching softball at Mt. Pointe as of 5-26-2005 when I retired from teaching. I ended up coaching badminton for 2 more years after retiring from teaching. Now I am totally retired.

1976 Mesa High Coaches
Aug. 10, 2019 Inducted into the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame - Pictures of the great event ... The video that introduce me ... My speech on Facebook ... My speech in Word.
Nov. 22, 2010 Mesa Sports Hall of Fame honors those back for a reunion from my 1990 State Championship Softball Team.
August, 2010 Coach Ellis officially retires from working with the AIA on tournaments and now am officially retired from the schools... it all started in 1968 when I graduated from ASU. Started ASU in 1964 with a Tennis Scholarship and starated the first Softball Team at ASU in 1967 ... go Sun Devils

On 6-28-2002 -- Coach Ellis won the National High School Coach of the Year after receiving the Region 8 Coach of the year in 2002, 1998, 1996, and 1993. Nominated by her peers in the Arizona Coaches Association, the NHSACA selects the region winners. Region 8 includes the following states: Ariz., Calif., Hawaii, Nevada, New Mex., and Utah. The National High School Athletic Coaches Association gives the National award every year to one of the winners of the 8 regions. What is outstanding is that the award was decided before my retirement was announced. Thanks to everyone involved, I can't tell you what this means to me. Coach Ellis was inducted into the Arizona Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame as Coach of the Year in 1996.

On November 21, 2005 I was inducted in the Mesa Sports Hall of Fame and the first female coach ever into this organization. It was great seeing everyone and thanks for coming. Pictures of the affair are here.

Coach Ellis' DOBSON HIGH History ... 3 Regional Championships, 1 State Championship at Dobson High. ... Coach Ellis' overall wins 570 while coaching in the high schools since 1968. ... 10 times Regional Champions ('69, 70, 74, 75, 78, 83, 85, 86, 90, 00); ... 7 times Regional Runner-up ('77, 84, 87, 88, 93, 94, 96) ... 6 times State Final 4 Competition ('70, 85, 89, 90, 93, 95) ... 2 State Championships (1970, 1990) ... Ellis' Lifetime since 1968, for 33 years as varsity high school head coach: 570/334... Players have left the high school and played at hundreds of colleges and universities on scholarships and I am proud of that.

But the BEST THING is the friendships over the years that I have from my students, coaches, and friends that I have met on my journey as a teacher and coach. Now it is time to go learn how to play golf and have some more fun while continuing to work at my church on the overhead video for services. I'll be on my motorcycle riding in the wind at other times. I was greatly touched when the Mesa High class of 1975 honored me on October 22, 2005, as one of the two faculty members invited to their reunion. Thanks for the gift and the kind words. I was shocked when they announced that they would all be 50 years old next year. There is not way that I am that old. Thanks to everyone for some great great great memories.

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